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If you want to affect people, you have to speak their language. – Kurt Tucholsky

Flamingomedien – the marketing and production company from Berlin

The media industry is extensive and diversified. Quantity is often favoured in production and marketing. With Flamingomedien, we want to counter this with our way of working. We have the right media concept to achieve your goals.


The optimal marketing and the ideal production. Based on many years of experience, we can implement your production or marketing in all media, including public relations and accompanying events. Our national and international networks help to perfectly implement your business goals. Find our own formats in “Productions”.

Our ethics - committed to the Basic Law

Success is not only measured by the rate of return. Because it is fundamental for us that not only we, but also our partners, feel committed to the Basic Law. Racism, xenophobia and sexism - in short: any extremes - have no place with us.


For us, skin color, sexual orientation, nationality, religion and gender do not play a role in the collaboration. And we look forward to every partner who agrees and acts accordingly.

Your marketing and media production with character, honest - emotional - successful!



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